Marion Duplain and Sylvie Pregevole – team #110.

Bold and full of energy, our common passion for adventure, challenge and our desire to share beautiful moments together naturally led us to this adventure.


From the 17th September to 2nd October 2021.


Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles du Maroc.

30th edition of the 100% women off-road rally in Morocco, from Nice to Essaouira through the Moroccan desert and mountains where the rally is held: 1,300 km in 9 days of competition.


Challenge ourselves, live a dream, share our beliefs and values with others and support women and their communities.

How long to go?

Until the start of the rally

Marion, 36, Navigator, Director at Advenia, London

A pragmatic and fervorous entrepreneur living in the UK for nearly 15 years, Marion has been able to hone her ambition towards meeting every challenge offered to her. Between security or adventures, Marion always chooses to live her dreams. The hardiness Marion has inherited from the Brits will be very useful to face the Moroccan desert, tougher than the deserts of Namib and Oman. Conquering Atlas is a challenge of epic proportions, but Marion – who grew up in the Auvergne region – knows mountains and is ready to guide her team through them.

“Embrace the intensity of life.”

Sylvie, 50, Pilot, Founder at Maison Pregevole 1968, Lyon

Proud mother and great lover of beautiful escapes, especially road trips in vintage cars. The world is made to be discovered, and challenges to be taken. Italian of origin and having grown up in the North of France, Sylvie brings experience, calm, strength and ambition to meet this new challenge. Setting aside her epicurean nature, this race is a time to embrace the beauty of nature and Sylvie is ready to drive her team of Gazelles towards success.

“Take the risk of getting lost, to better discover yourself.”


30 years of pioneering spirit

Off-road rally, 100% women, in Morocco.

An uncomparable event that revisits the vision of car racing: purely navigating with maps and compass. No sat nav and no help. The goal? To reach the beacons in as few kilometres as possible.

Safe organization with 24-hour live satellite tracking.

Committed to the respect of the environment, the Rallye Aicha is the only ISO 14001 certified rally raid in the world, gaining an international profile with wide media coverage.



Sharing and action

We met through the French Federation of international entrepreneurs (OSCI.trade). We will represent the Team OSCI alongside Anne and Cécile two keen entrepreneurs who will be Team 109 on the starting line of the rally.

Discover the team OSCI: Gazelles de l’export.



In complement to the action of the charity of the rally, Coeur de Gazelles, we will support the Moroccan charity Education For All which supports the education of girls in the remote areas of the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. We hope this will create future entrepreneurs internationally!

Discover the amazing work the charity does: Education for All.



The Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles du Maroc is the only rally-raid certified with the ISO 14001 standards. Maïenga obtained this certification in 2010, proof that the rally includes a good environmental management system. By excluded speed as a criteria in ranking, CO2 emissions are limited and offset with the Mohammed VI Foundation. After camping, the waste is incinerated and the plastic water bottles are recycled by Coeur de Gazelles to build houses.


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Be part of this adventure driven by 2 women entrepreneurs in the international field with professionalism and experience.

Support the education of women in Africa and help create the future entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

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